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Roof Covering

The roof material is made for scattering water. The coating is thus the main element of architecture, and the materials for the decks come in different colors and textures. The main roof coverings in the USA are asphalt shingles, but there are also other types of roof coverings or metal roofs. Tile and thatch roofs are cleaner in Europe in North America. Some roofing materials are helping to reduce air conditioning costs in warm climatic conditions, as they are designed to reflect light.

Roofs ventilation and insulation

Roofs-ventilation-and-insulationThe usual way of ventilation of the roof was directed to the soffit and crest to allow the natural air flow. This receiver also has a fan switching called rainscreen construction. Roof Deck Ventilation accelerates the evaporation of water from a tug or condensation and heating the heat that helps prevent ice dams and help with asphalt shingles. The codes for construction state a checking speed of at least 1 square foot opening to 150 square feet with a ratio of 1: 300 in some condition. Raising warm air with ceiling insulation is designed to have a higher value, and insulation is often placed between straight beams or rafters. Insulated and ventilated roof is a cold roof. A warm roof is called a non-ventilated roof. The insulation is placed in a warehouse with a slope of the roof. The hot roof is named for the roof to be ventilated and has sufficiently impermeable insulation in contact with the sheet to prevent condensation such as when the spray is isolated directly onto the lower ground or to the top – from the roof deck or some catheter capons. The new design is the installation of a foam roof, foam deck with a foam press together with another part that is separated from the foam and allows the air to suppress vertical ventilation at the top of the roof is a double deck with an airbag. This design provides better efficiency.