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Roofing Tips For Homeowners Looking for a Roofer in Huntsville AL

Roofing Tips For Homeowners Looking for a Roofer in Huntsville AL

As a wise property owner, you tend to choose the best roofing for your property. Whether it is a commercial roofing or residential roofing, having the best material is a must. However, apart from the material itself, when it comes to roofing construction or roof installation you should also take into consideration the warranties involved in a roofing project.

Roofers and roofing companies here in Huntsville, Alabama, highly suggest that property owners should be well-versed of the warranties involved in their roofing for their own benefits and to avoid confusion later on. As a leading roofing contractor Huntsville, AL, 2nd2None Roofing & Construction shares some of the most common roofing warranties to take note of.


a photo of a damaged flatroof

Material-Only Warranty

This is perhaps the most common type of roofing warranty. This is the usual thought of a homeowner when he or she hears the word roof warranty. This type of warranty normally covers the cost of the roofing material and its potential repair in case of damage. Alternatively, an offer of credit may also be enjoyed instead of the repair itself.

However, this should not be interpreted to cover labor cost for installation errors of a roofing contractor. And this type of warranty in most cases covers only the roof membrane, and will not cover roofing accessories including but not limited to roof flashings, metal edges, and adhesives.

Labor-Only Warranty  

As the name would suggest, the labor only warranty covers the labor cost or requirement in case of roofing defects. In contrast to the previously discussed warranty, this does not cover the materials and roofing accessories. The previous warranty is being offered by manufacturers, while this type of warranty is normally being offered by the roofing contractors themselves. However, there should be a distinction, for in some cases, other roofing contractors do not consider this a workmanship warranty and many will not cover repairs for installation errors.

Full System Warranty

This is perhaps is the most comprehensive type of warranty, as also interpreted on the name itself. This type of warranty covers not just the materials used, but also the accessories as mentioned above. However, this warranty is subject to the terms and conditions printed on the policy. And normally, this warranty will cover the full cost as well as the labor cost of the necessary repairs.

Those are some of the most common warranties that you should know as a property owner. And with the inclusion of such warranties, it is to be expected that the price or estimate will likely be affected by the type of warranty involved on your roofing project.

However, apart from the warranties involved, you should also consider the competence and qualification of the roofing company of your choice. When it comes to the roofing project, together with the warranty, your roofing partner should be one of the best when it comes to services and commitment. Hence, choosing the best among the rest of the roofers in your community is a must.


Since choosing a roofing company might be confusing for some property owners, you should know the basic things to watch for. And this may include but not limited to the following:

License & Accreditation: In choosing a roofing company, you should be careful about the status of the roofing company itself. This means that you should only choose those roofing companies that are licensed and accredited to operate in your area. Their license and accreditation would somehow confirm their expertise and qualifications in the roofing industry.

Direct Service: This may mean that apart from checking the specialty of the roofing company, you should also check whether they would be directly leading the roofing project. Sad to note, that there are some roofing companies who only use sub-contractors on certain roofing projects, especially those minor roofing requirements. That is why from the very beginning you should scrutinize the roofing company about their type of service.

Reviews & Previous Work: Another thing to check would be the reviews concerning the performance of the prospective roofing partner. There are certain online platforms that offer reviews of the previous work of the company itself. Similarly, you may also check the previous work of the roofing company by asking some pictures of their work; in some cases, most legit companies would even provide contact numbers of their previous customers for authentication.

Professional Integrity: Above all, you should scrutinize the professional integrity of the company. Although it may be abstract, there is some tell-tale sign that you are dealing with a professional. The way they treat you upon the first contact is a good indicator of how they will treat you the rest of the project. If they are on time and polite, you will likely expect a similar gesture until project completion.

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How To Identify A Storm Chasing Roofing Contractor In Georgia?

How To Identify A Storm Chasing Roofing Contractor In Georgia?

As a property owner, being a victim of environmental setbacks such as hurricane and hail storms can be very devastating. The number one causality in most cases would be the roofing system. Since it serves as the first line of defense of your home, it cannot be helped for it to be damaged or even to deteriorate faster than expected.

The state of Georgia is not alien to such environmental setbacks. Property owners, homeowners or business owners alike, experience their own share of roofing damages. In such a case, it is important to always scrutinize the help you will be getting. As most roofing contractors in Loganville would suggest, property owners should only deal with reliable and trustworthy roofing contractors.

Hence, one should be cautious of so-called experts or the storm chasers who might appear in front of your doorstep immediately after a storm has ravaged your place. Falling for these so-called storm chasers can be frustrating and if not financially devastating. Storm chaser can easily disappear without even affording you the roofing solution you deserve, and this would normally happen after you have paid them an initial amount. And to help you avoid such a mistake, here are some of the things to take note to help you identify a storm chaser.


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Spotting A Storm Chaser


You need to understand that after a storm, a reputable roofing company or contractor will no likely have time to go door-to-door offering their services and their quotation for the roofing job. Storm chasers are those contractors representing themselves as expert and legit while making an unexpected visit to your home with hopes of convincing you with their ploy. A reputable roofing company will not normally do such thing for they would be swamped with calls and requests coming from their valued customers.

Full Payment Before a Service

If a so-called contractor will immediately be asking for full payment before the service, you should be wary about it. In most cases being reported to authorities and roofing organizations here in Loganville, these storm chasers will ask the full payment from their unknowing victims. After they took the cash, they would schedule the work day but will never be around during the said day, and contacting them is impossible as well.

Out-Of-Town License Plates

Another common indicator that could help you identify storm chasers are their license plates. Since they are living a life of crime so to speak, this storm chaser will normally be traveling around from one state to another. Hence, explaining their unusual out of town plates. If you will be lucky to receive a service from them, there is no assurance that they will be around to fix some issues after their work, for they would normally be moving around. Thus, leaving you with no warranty at all.

High Pressure-Sales Situations

One of the reported characteristics or approaches of storm chasers would be their way of persuading you to commit. They would normally employ high-pressure sales techniques, wherein you will be pressured to decide immediately, and most part in their favor.

A reputable company here in the Loganville, GA area such as Hydro Tight Roofing would always give you time to decide. Apart from the time they would be giving you, they would also be informing you of the things that you need to know about your roofing system and its current status. Therefore, allowing you to arrive at a well-informed or reasoned decision.

Avoiding Being Scammed

Those are some of the signs whether you are dealing with a potential storm chaser or not. However, those tips mentioned above are incomplete. For there are other things you should also consider when dealing with a roofing company. Apart from observing the ones mentioned above, you may also want to do thorough research before you commit to a potential roofing company.

Roofing experts highly suggest that you should have at least three roofing companies into consideration. From thereon, try to narrow down your list by checking important roofer qualifications such as license, insurance, accreditation, experience, expertise, and even referral.

An honest and authentic roofing company will never be afraid to give you some details about their previous work. Beyond pictures and portfolios, some would even extend an extra mile of giving you details of their previous customers for cross-referencing. Of course, with prior approval of their previous customers.

If you wish to avoid being scammed by storm chasers, you should be an informed consumer. Try to remember the tips above, and also trust your instinct, especially when it is telling you that something is off about a particular roofing company knocking in front of your door.

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Common Home Improvement Projects Including Roofing

Common Home Improvement Projects Including Roofing

If you own a property and want to sell it, you should first take note of the things that need to be improved in order to increase the value of your property. Whether you are an amateur home seller, or even a tenured one, you should at least know the basic aspects of your home that you can improve in order to get more offer and increased sale value. To help you achieve such a goal, we have outlined below some of the home components and areas that may need improvement, whether drastic or simple improvements.

a roof replacement project at work


Perhaps the most obvious or noticeable aspect of your property is the roof. When it comes to selling your property, you should never make a mistake of selling your home or any other property without inspecting your roof. For a buyer, the roof is a critical aspect of a property, which is why they would definitely take time to inspect or check it for some issues.

As a seller, it is, therefore, your duty to keep your roofing system at its best. This does not only mean that your roof should be aesthetically pleasing. For according to one of the best roofers here in Hanover, Massachusetts, the Marine Home Improvement, Inc., the value of your roof is determined not only by its appearance but also of its materials and functionality. That is why, before you start selling your property, you should have your roofing system checked, and perform the necessary improvements when needed.

When it comes to roof improvements, you should not simply trust anyone. You should look for a reliable roofing company that can help you with any roofing needs or requirements you may have. A roof improvement may entail roof repair, roof replacement, or even roof restoration. That way you should be sure that your chosen contractor can do it all.


Another point for improvement on your property is the cleanliness. Make sure that before a visitor will make its trip to your home, you should have already clean your front and backyard. Try to trim down the trees near your property and remove any debris it might have caused, especially on your roofing system. A tree branch, leaves, and other debris can be an eyesore to any onlookers. If you are planning to sell your property, then you should clean it well as to improve its beauty.

Bathroom Updates

Another aspect for home improvement is the bathroom. There are many things you may do in order to improve the value of your property, and this may also include the improvement of your bathroom. Even if you can afford major remodeling, simple improvements will surely have huge impact. This may include replacing dated wallpaper and even adding some artwork inside the bathroom, which will also be helpful in covering some cracks and wall blemishes.

Kitchen Improvement

Improving your kitchen is one of the highly effective methods to increase the value of your property. However, this act could make or break your pursuit of a successful sale, which is why it is highly suggested that you should only trust a reputable property improvement contractor to deal with your kitchen improvement needs.

Carpet and Rugs

If you have some carpet or rugs inside your home, make sure that that they are at their best condition. You don’t want a visitor staring at a dirty carpet or rugs inside right? That is why you should make this simple home improvement tip a priority. There is no need for you to buy a new carpet if the old ones are capable of being cleaned.

Organize Things

Apart from spending some cash for repairs and replacements, you may also improve the appearance of your property by simply organizing things. This means that clutters inside your house should be avoided. By the time visitors or potential buyers arrive your home, the toys of the kids, the magazines, and even the picture frames are properly organized. Those are some of the minor changes you may perform to help organize your home.

In order help you with the improvement of your property, you should consult experts from various fields. When it comes to your roofing system, you should only deal with a legit roofing company that operates with insurance, accreditation, and license. This will help you avoid costly errors due to a back job and poorly done roofing services.


You need to understand that apart from property value improvement, your roof also plays a critical role in the safety and convenience of your personal and valuable. For that matter, only trust a reputable roofing contractor to help you with your roof improvement projects, and even other home exterior components such as the siding, decking, windows, and even gutters.

Austin Texas Tips – Before Installing Roofing Solar Panels

Roofing Contractors Around Austin Should Know These Regulations


Having a rooftop solar panel seemed to be the new craze this present generation. After the introduction and proliferation of skylight that adds natural light to a room or building space, solar panel on the rooftop is the latest inclination of most homeowners and property managers. Dustin Johnson Exteriors & Roofing is one these roofing contractors who operates his business around the Austin University. He has extended his voice to help other roofers around the area. However, despite the benefit and hype of a solar panel installation in your roof, you should still be aware of the considerations in performing a rooftop solar panel installation in your property. To give you an overview, here are some things that you should know.  

diagram showing roofing support

Roofing Support

Before canvassing for solar panels to be installed on your roof, you should first know on whether your current roofing system can support the weight of the solar panels you planned to install. There are certain types of roofing that are readily capable of supporting solar panels with lesser additional construction needed. Flat roofs are the most common roofing types that are capable of readily supporting solar panels and other heavy objects.


Roofing Using Other Means

Since the installation of solar panels on the rooftop of your property can be quite expensive, especially if you do not know what you are dealing with, then you may want to reconsider such a decision. If your main purpose is to achieve energy efficiency, try to check first if other simple methods for energy efficiency have been applied or performed. Start a thorough energy audit on your property, and check other avenues of improvement before you decide to have a solar panel installed on your rooftop.


How the Environment Affects Roofing

Before you start installing a solar panel on your property, be sure that your area is conducive for a solar panel use. There are some areas that are not conducive of having a roofing panel installed, especially if there are a lot of shades and potential debris that may damage the solar panels, causing expenses for repair or replacement, which is counterintuitive with your goal of efficiency and savings.


Lease or Buy Roofing Materials

Unlike the skylight installation, a solar panel system may be leased or bought depending on your preference and budget. If you have the capacity to purchase a solar panel system, then do so after thorough research and evaluation. However, if you lack enough resources to have one for your property, you may contact installers of solar panels who are able to lend you their solar panel system at a cheaper cost. However, the danger of leasing a solar panel is that when the lease is up, they can take the system away as per written lease agreement.

It is but normal for a property owner to choose or explore other means for efficiency and savings. A wise homeowner will definitely choose proven means for savings, especially concerning electricity bills. For that matter, having a solar panel installed on your roofing system is quite a good idea. However, such a plan may not be applicable or beneficial to other property owners, which is why careful planning and assessment is needed. Ask expert opinion before you decide on anything concerning solar panel installation of your rooftop. They have the skills, experience, and expertise to provide you with the most reasonable explanation.


Roofing Contractors Doing Jobs in Excessive Weather Conditions

The Dangers You Face Being On Top Of Roofs While Rain Or Storm

From time to time, we experience excessive weather condition, be it excessive heat or extreme cold. Apart from the uncomfortable feeling it brings, such extreme conditions also bring damage and deterioration to your roofing system. For that matter, it would always be a necessity and advantage on your part as a property owner or manager to know how to find the right roofing contractor for your property, be it commercial or residential. To help you find a roofing contractor when in need of a roof repair, roof maintenance or any roofing project, here are some of the tips to help you sort the chancers from the true professionals. For example, Proven Contracting does roofing in Bridgewater nj – they come across this problem.


Check The Experience

Although experience can sometimes be a relative thing, it is still safe and beneficial if you go for an experienced roofing contractor. In order to have a peace of mind concerning any roofing job, be it roof repair, roof replacement, or installation, it is always advisable that you seek a roofing contractor that has the right experience appropriate for your roofing project. Then for places more south, if a company is doing a roof replacement in Baltimore, when choosing and evaluating a roofing contractor, you should check for its experience. Try to ask what is their level of experience regarding your roofing demand or desire.


Look For Free Estimates

However if you’re talking about doing moved in a location where they are recently changing laws – Roofing in Bergen County NJ is the right topic. Nowadays, most roofing contractors offer FREE estimates for a roofing project. When finding the right roofing contractor for the job, you should also consider the cost of the project. And in order to compare and evaluate the potential expenses you may incur, you should take advantage of the free estimate that roofing contractors offer. Allow roofing contractors to check your property and evaluate the size of the project. Afterward, try to compare quotes and see which estimate fits your need and budget.


roofer in bad weather


Know the Warranty

Another thing to consider in finding the right roofing contractor for your roofing project is the warranty. Every contractor has its own unique warranty for their service. Apart from comparing the prices they offer, you should also compare the type and range of roofing warranty that a contractor puts  forward. There are some contractors that give a lifetime warranty, while others are limited within 30 to 50 years, depending on the project.


Ask for Accreditations & Certifications

Other important considerations that most property owners neglect to take into account are the roofing accreditations and certifications of a potential roofing contractor. To help you find the best roofing contractor for your roofing project, it is necessary to ask for their certifications or accreditations. These certifications will tell you that a roofing contractor has met certain industry standards, and as such also indicates their competency in addressing your roofing issue or concern.

Read Testimonials

In finding and deciding who will be your next roofing contractor, you should also consider reading the testimonials online about the contractor’s performance. This will somehow give you an idea of how a particular contractor performs beyond paper and ads. The feedbacks you read online will in a way confirm the things that a contractor has been telling you about their company.



How Is Roof Build?

A roof is part of a building that is one of the most complex parts and it is essential for a good strcuture. It is the covering on the uppermost part of a building and gives the protection from weather or animals. The word roof means the framing or structure which supports that covering. The interior roof construction is a frame and roof covering that is located in most suburban houses in cold and quiet climatic conditions. Such roofs are made of main wood, have different shapes and are covered with different materials.

Types of roofs

Types-of-roofsThere are larger types of roofing depending on how much snowfall per year. Modern wooden roofs are framed with joint steam scissors, or prefabricated woodcutters conveyed together from the cone plate. Wooden frames and a historical building can be framed by main slopes or wooden carriers. Two types of roofs are designed, hot or cold roofs in the case of how they are designed and built for thermal ventilation and insulation. The inclination or roof tilting of the roof deck is primarily based on the material of the roof cover and the aesthetic design. Flat roofs are inclined to about 10 degrees to pour water. Flot roots in houses are the prime priority and arid regions.

Roofs in extreme weather conditions

Roofs-in-extreme-weather-conditionsIn large areas of the wind, such as Pacific ocean, the main engineering attention is to keep the roof down during heavy storms. Each component of the roof, as well as the rest of the structure, must withstand the power of raising the high wind speed. This is achieved by using metal cords attached to each rafter or carrier. This is not a problem in areas that are not prone to strong winds or extreme weather disturbances.

Standards in some countries

In the United Kingdom, a concrete tiled roof will normally have rafters at 60 cm centers, roof battens at 30 cm centers and ceiling joists at 40 cm centers. In the States, they still use units of measurement and framing members are typically spaced 16 or 24 inches apart. The roof frame can be opened with a chimney or a roof window. Chimneys are usually built with drainage water known as cricket or saddle above the chimney while the flashes have their use when you need to  close the space between the chimney and the roof material.


Roof Covering

The roof material is made for scattering water. The coating is thus the main element of architecture, and the materials for the decks come in different colors and textures. The main roof coverings in the USA are asphalt shingles, but there are also other types of roof coverings or metal roofs. Tile and thatch roofs are cleaner in Europe in North America. Some roofing materials are helping to reduce air conditioning costs in warm climatic conditions, as they are designed to reflect light.

Roofs ventilation and insulation

Roofs-ventilation-and-insulationThe usual way of ventilation of the roof was directed to the soffit and crest to allow the natural air flow. This receiver also has a fan switching called rainscreen construction. Roof Deck Ventilation accelerates the evaporation of water from a tug or condensation and heating the heat that helps prevent ice dams and help with asphalt shingles. The codes for construction state a checking speed of at least 1 square foot opening to 150 square feet with a ratio of 1: 300 in some condition. Raising warm air with ceiling insulation is designed to have a higher value, and insulation is often placed between straight beams or rafters. Insulated and ventilated roof is a cold roof. A warm roof is called a non-ventilated roof. The insulation is placed in a warehouse with a slope of the roof. The hot roof is named for the roof to be ventilated and has sufficiently impermeable insulation in contact with the sheet to prevent condensation such as when the spray is isolated directly onto the lower ground or to the top – from the roof deck or some catheter capons. The new design is the installation of a foam roof, foam deck with a foam press together with another part that is separated from the foam and allows the air to suppress vertical ventilation at the top of the roof is a double deck with an airbag. This design provides better efficiency.


Construction Of A Rafter Roof

The simply arranged rooftops are from the closet to fit the foot of the feet on the horizon on a plate on the top of each wall. [2] The upper ends of the padded particles are often happy on the ridge but can be direct to other rafts to make a pair of scaffolding called the pair. Depending on the material of the roof covering, horizontal casting, coil or purlins for fixing on the cooking stove; or plates, plywood or oriented panel plates form a deck (also called foil or sheath) to support the covering. Harder under purlins or purlin plates is used to maintain a longer width of the rafter. Crane beams, which can also serve as a ceiling beam, usually connect between the lower ends of the opposite piles to prevent the spread and force of the wall. These beams or cow hangings can be repaired more than the opposite scissors for added strength. Shears, beams, and slabs are used to convey the weight of the roof on the walls of the building

Construction of a truss roof

truss-roofA truss roof is with wrap and jar. The passage in the hill plate is a space that is designed to allow natural ventilation. Processed roof racks come in a wide range of style. Designed by the country of origin for each specific building. Wooden branches are created in different styles of wood use or metal joints. The economical woodworking processors are usually arranged between 8 feet (2.4 m) and 12 feet (3.7 m) separated by the mainframes. The main scissors can be mixed with common rafts or carry a common purlin

Design Loads

The roof framing should be designed to withstand the structural burden of students and loads called dead load, its weight and the weight of the roof cover and additional load is called environmental stress, snow, and wind. Fleet roots can also be designed for live loads if people can continue by their name. In the United States, citizen codes define loads in kilograms per square foot, varying across regions. The load and range (distance between the carriers) define the size and distance of the scissors and shoes.

Solar panels on the roof

Solar-panels-on-the-roofSolar panel systems consist of state-of-the-art solar module modules or mounting frames for mounting roofs. Roof mounting brackets include:

  1. Poly racks, which are fastened directly to the roof structure and can use an additional rubber for fixing the rack module or frame.
  2. Ballast support brackets, such as concrete or steel bases that use weight to provide a system board in a position and not a sealed penetration.



Painting Your Shingles

Painting Roofing Shingles – Can it be done?

After much research into forums and informational roofing sites, at Riedel I discovered that you can in fact paint your Shingles. The most prominent reason that homeowners decide to do this is that they don’t like the color of of shingles they bought, or want to liven up the appearance of their home. Whatever the reason, it is actually relatively common. In fact, in addition to painting your shingles, it if often coupled with painting your siding.

Choosing The Right Paint

When painting your Shingles, it helps to do some research in the different types of paint as opposed to pulling out a can of exterior paint and deciding to DIY. One of the most popular roof paints in the industry is BEHR Multi-Surface Roof Paint

Behr paint for painting your shingles

It was formulated to protect against high temperatures to prevent shingles cracking and deteriorating. It also helps with resisting the buildup of mold and mildew. The temperature on the surface of your roof can reach highs of 150 degrees Fahrenheit so it is extremely important to pick a brand such as BEHR that will give you long lasting protection.

This paint can be used on asphalt shingles, wood shakes, tile as well as a bunch of other roofing materials. It has excellent adhesive nature that will secure the paint to different roofing materials and is available in a variety of custom colors. With a 100{e71f102971ebdce0f2a98a92f0ef9ddfc7c2f6a9aeed361f39b7192633823226} latex flat finish, BEHR paint will not discolor when exposed to high temperatures.

It is suggested by the NRA that you perform maintenance touch ups every 5-7 years. Some people may consider this a big cost but it does save you from removing and replacing them all as opposed to just painting them. Having a full replacement solely because the color is not to your liking is an even bigger cost.

Benefits of Painting Your Shingles

1. If your Roof is discolored or you are repainting your home, you probably want the overall appearance of your home to be the same. Who wants a shabby brown color with your newly painted – white or blue or even gray house? In this situation, it is wiser to paint your shingles if you’re unhappy with it instead of cringing or replacing it altogether.

2. Using a paint with a white or reflective surface can help you to lower your utility bills. This happens because the white surface can reflect the heat thus keeping home cooler and improving your energy efficiency.

Contractor vs DIY

Painting your shingles seems like quite an easy task and many people do in fact do it themselves. But this would depend on your skill level. For example when dealing with cedar shingles, it’s important that your carefully follow the guidelines. If you don’t, you can set yourself back days or even weeks of work. In the worst case scenario, you may damage your shingles and need to have them replaced.

In other cases, homeowners may prefer to hire a contractor on the basis of efficiency, avoiding costly mishaps and to get the job done right! Not all contractors offer this service but you can look around and you’re sure to find one that does. An added benefit of hiring contractors is that they have specialized tools to get the job done quickly with an even coat of paint. Here’s an example:

These painting sprays ensure that an even coat is achieved and saves a lot of time if you had to
use paint brushes. I’d say that using a contractor for this job is the best decision to make as it
has a lot of benefits and while painting your roof may seem like an odd choice, it’s definitely a
possibility. However, if your roof is very old you may want to take the path of full replacement.
Not sure if your roof is too old? Contact your local roofing contractor to do an inspection to find

Inspect Your Flashings

Importance Of Inspecting Your Roof Flashings

Flashings for your roof can be made out of several different materials such as copper, stainless steel, plastic, rubber, roofing felt and even metal sheets with the latter being the most expensive. Most flashings are resistant to stains and are mostly non-corrosive.

Roof flashings are essential to the structural for roof it helps direct the water flow around the corners and seams of the roof to prevent water from collecting and leaking into your home.  It is considered very important as it plays vital role in protecting your roof and any potential vulnerable parts of your roof from being damaged or prone to flooding.types of flashings

If you are so unlucky as to have water seeping into the walls off your home, it can cause several problems such as leaks and mold, and if left long enough it can cause structural damage.  And believe me, we want to avoid this at all costs because in the end it will cost you a lot of money to repair. It is very important that we catch the problem as soon as possible and are able to repair it before the situation worsens.  Most of the the times the cause of the leak is due to a faulty flashing.

Here are a few tips to look out for when inspecting your roof flashings.  It is important to clear any clutter in your flashing such as leaves/twigs and debris.  If left unattended, water can overflow seep into your roof. If possible, take a careful look at your flashings to make sure it is not corroding or cracked. Next check the area around your chimney to see if there are any stains or watermarks.  If there is, you’re flashing might be cracked or leaking. This happens more often than not.

It may be wise to consult a contractor to take a look for you if you have a sloped roof because it might be a bit trickier to locate a leak. Even if you do not notice any leaks or think that anything is wrong with your flashings, it is still wise to get them checked or inspected every six months as the weather in New York is a bit severe. Snow can freeze your flashings, the sun can corrode and the rain can wear it down, so be sure to keep an eye on it.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the importance of roof flashings and why we should have them inspected, I hope that this information can help homeowners to pay more attention to all the aspects of their home, even the little parts. You can also take a look at the video below on how to repair your flashings.